About Sylvie Unique As You

Sylvie Unique Boutique Carmel CA 6th and Mission 93921

Sylvie Unique Boutique women's fashion boutique Carmel CA is located on Mission & 6th in the Jordan Center, next to Grasing's restaurant.

"Sylvie’s attention to detail and fabrics have made her boutique one that signifies a statement that fashion needs right now:  Styles that are absolutely ageless and timeless.  What remains is a brilliantly curated selection of clothes and accessories that are enigmatically sexy. What all these styles require is an established and cultivated individuality, and most of all, graceful poise.  No wallflowers need apply here!"

Ana Roman, 65 Degree Magazine

SylvieAnn Vidal curates clothing and accessories for women from all over the world: leather from Italy and Romania; jewelry and clothing from Europe, Israel, Korea, and the U.S.A. Each piece is handmade, hand-knit, or tooled, and timeless.

Designers include:


  • XD Xenia Design, Croatia
  • Monies Jewelry, Denmark
  • Ivan Grundahl, Copenhagen
  • Itemz, U.S.A.
  • Decadenza, Italy
  • Papucei Leather, Romania
  • Bryn Walker, California
  • Beate Heymann, Germany
  • Ellen Brook Handpainted Silk, California
  • Adventures De Toiles, France



  • Art Point, Vienna
  • Planet by Lauren G.
  • Crea Concept, Paris
  • Ozka Cashmere, Europe and Nepal
  • Matti Mamane, Israel
  • Ball of Cotton, California
  • Skif, St. Louis Missouri
  • Harari, Beverly Hills
  • Sylvieann Vidal, Sylvie Unique As You, Carmel CA


Sylvie Unique Boutique Carmel CA

From Sylvieann:

"I am a self starter and have many interests like art, film, music and dance and running. People move me in many ways when I see all of the fine qualities we share as a human race. Children where ever they are unique and beautiful to see and to know!

I am a deep person who loves her G-d. I am an Artist, so I like to think thats why I find beauty in so many things. I am a Clothing Designer, so I find art in clothing and I am a shy person not really sure why but thats okay too!"

Pieces from Syvie Unique Boutique are creative, eye-catching, original, and as unique as you! We invite you to add your name to our newsletter to be the first to explore upcoming designs, and not miss any of Sylvie's fabulous sales!