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The Story of Papucei

The Story of Papucei

Papucei Craftsmanship from DEOCHI on Vimeo.

The story of Papucei, a well-known shoe company in Romania, is inspiring. From their website:

"Right after the Revolution and marked by new beginnings, 1990 was the year our designer set the foundation of the shoe factory Angela. That fall, Dan and Angela Vasiliu, still in their 20’s, got excited and opened their own little factory. They started working together with their 3 employees, side by side.

Unknown, but with products of good quality and new design, the company started selling Angela shoes all over the country, soon becoming a well-established producer in the Romanian market.

Years passed, and in 2006 the company opened an online store. It was probably the first online shoe store in Romania, it was unexpectedly successful and its name was That’s the year Angela International became Papucei."

About the Designer

"...Angela Vasiliu graduated from the Technical Faculty of Textile and Leather Goods, the only Romanian faculty in the field, right in her hometown,Iasi. She spent a few years working in two state factories as an engineer and designer, but after the Revolution, she slowly started laying the foundation of her own company.

It took will and skill, but soon she managed to get the mechanism working. All her designs were one of a kind, different both in shape, color combinations and leathers used. Her creative ideas continue to amaze us in Papucei’s current collections, which are full of them."

Angela is located in Iasi, Romania, a well-known city in the shoes industry. Here you will find the only University in the country preparing students for leather goods
manufacturing, ever since 1934.

See some Papucei Carmel CA items here!

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