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From Our Clients

"I LOVE looking fashionable and being comfortable at the same time. My by-far favorite source is Sylvie's ... and I mean in the whole country. Sylvie has a fantastic eye for style, and she brings it to us in this well-thought out store. She puts clothes and accessories together in her "unique" way, and she's been helping me create my own style for years. So every season I add a few new pieces and combine them with clothes I have had in my closet for years. That's how long I have been a fan of this store."

Kaylie D.

"I visited Sylvie's retail store in downtown Carmel and her women's clothing items were beautiful one of a kind pieces. What a lovely place to shop and find something to add to your wardrobe. Her wonderful new location has been tastefully decorated and merchandised. Truly a unique boutique experience."

Michelle Fitzgerald

"Want something different than what EVERYONE else has? Love fashion and have a creative and innovative way of looking at it? Than this is the place for you! Sylvie, the owner has an amazing eye for the high fashion look and makes sure that you and all of your neighbors aren't wearing the exact same thing by only having a few items that are the same. The majority of the designers might not be off the tip of your tongue but a quick google search will show you that they are mostly all European and very desirable and reputable designers...most pieces are timeless...The sales are great too-"

Racquel B.

"New location for this interesting, arty boutique. The space is architecturally great, very inviting.  The clothes are the same look that Sylvie had at Carmel Plaza.  I just hope everyone finds her, across the fire station, next to Grasings Restaurant.  It's my go to shop for the best look in Carmel."

Rita S.


Shopping With Sylvie

Shopping With Sylvie

See Sylvie's 'unique' way of pairing different designers, and what's in store now!
XD Xenia Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Preview

XD Xenia Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Preview

Many of these looks by XD Xenia for Fall and Winter 2017 will be available at Sylvie Unique Boutique in November. Stop by! We're in Carmel-by-the-S...